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Welcome to SILC

Supported Individualised Lifestyle Choices (SILC Limited) formally Supported Living (BOP) Limited, commenced business in 1991 as a disability service provider.  Today, we provide support and solutions for any person who requires assistance with day to day living.  People who:

  • Live with long term disability, injury or illness.
  • Who have age related challenges.
  • Who have temporary disability through illness or injury.

We provide a holistic service, which to us means that we provide the support that allows people to live their life to the fullest, no matter what their challenge.  A holistic approach is characterised by looking at everything influencing an individual and addressing all these life-defining things.

Our commitment to quality services stems from the belief that any person regardless of their challenges has the right to live rich and full lives, doing the things they enjoy in their own community and feeling that they belong in their community.

A whole list of things, some little, some big add up to produce this feeling, but a quality valued lifestyle where a person feels empowered and in charge often depends very much on the organisation providing support and its staff, or the individuals providing support.  We believe this is possible if they are provided with appropriate and timely support and solutions.

SILC employs, supports, and trains a pool of staff bringing into play these philosophies, and in turn offer to provide support and find solutions for people their aspirations and lifestyles.  The way in which we do this is only limited by the imagination of those planning and delivering the service.  We are attracting and training a calibre of staff who are making a commitment to those beliefs and who want to contribute, thus offering an individualised, committed and personalised service.

Peter James (1957 - 2012), the founder of SILC Limited, was passionate about working with people, recognising them as individuals, their gifts and challenges and so it continues today.

Peter's story provides some background on how SILC Ltd came to be.

How to get support?

SILC is here to make life easier for families and especially for the person needing support in the most respectful and empowering way possible.

Are you looking for support for yourself or a family member or friend? Click here

Do you have Individualised Funding and not sure where to get support staff? Click here

If you are unsure who to contact about support? Click here

OR if you just want to talk to to a real person who can answer your questions, or direct you to someone who can, call us on 07 571 1262 or email us on and we will get in contact with you.

2014 Star Awards - Our Time to Shine

Star Awards Logo

Click on the Star Awards logo above to view a slideshow of photos from various social events, along with excerpts from nominations received for this year's Star Awards. 

The venue sparkled and shined for us.  Click on the photo above to view a slideshow of more photos from the night. Go to our Latest News page for more on our Star Awards.

2013 Tauranga Westpac Business Awards

Members of the SILC Health & Safety team and Board members receiving the 2013 ACC Workplace Safety Award

Saying that we were surprised by our success at the 2013 Westpac Business Awards would be an understatement. Shocked, overwhelmed, humbled, stunned, grateful, relieved and validated are words that come to mind.

We entered the awards for the first time in 2013 and felt quietly confident with our robust Health and Safety systems and we were hopeful of doing well in that category. So winning the ACC Workplace Safety Award affirmed our belief in our health and safety systems and our commitment to ensuring that our staff are well supported in their roles.

Winning the BOP Polytechnic Community Organisation Award was the cherry on top. We feel that the award has validated our contribution to our local communities and especially the amazing work our staff do in supporting people to live the lives of their choosing.

Mission Statement